Sazehtormoz Company has been invested, registered and exploited in 2003 in order to meet industrial requirement of community.

Now, Sazehtormoz as a generative industrial company is honored to collaborate with and supply auto parts for large three automobile manufacturing companies in Iran.
Sazehtormoz is the supplier of auto parts such as brake hoses and hydraulic hoses for Bahmanmotor, Sapko, and Megamotor companies.

Currently, the main activity of the company has been manufacturing various kinds of brake and hydraulic hoses as explained below:

  • Different kinds of brake hoses of PRIDE and TIBA automobiles ordered by SAIPA Company.
  • Manufacturing brake hoses of 405 PEUGEOT, ARISAN, RANA, 206 PEUGEOT, ELX PARS as well as hydraulic hoses of 405 PEUGET ordered by Iran Khodro Company.
  • Brake hoses of Mazda ordered by Bahmanmotor.

Generalizing those manufactures to other domestic products is on the agenda. It is to be hoped that it will develop industrial community of Iran.

Our goal is reaching the world quality and having global market.