About us

Sazehtormoz Company has been invested, registered and exploited in 2003 in order to meet industrial requirement of community.
The integrated management system of the company is so dynamic that the company has been awarded quality management certificates from TUV NORD German Company in the first year of establishing the company on October, 2003.
In addition, it has been qualified by ISO14001&OHSAS18001 certificates in 2006 for protecting environment, safety, and professional health of the company.
It is necessary to mention that the aforementioned certificates are extended annually by TUV NORD auditors.
Sazehtormoz’s laboratory is one of the most perfect laboratories of the country in testing brake hoses. Also, it is the source laboratory of Isfahan province.
Concerning the super-sensitivity of brake hoses, all standards have been met to create and test them by specialists and skillful employees of Sazehtormoz Company.

The products must contain good quality and standard materials as well as using under control production process to reach a high level of safety requirement.

In fact, produced hoses can be installed in cars only in case that all standard specifications have been met and performing standard operational tests provide appropriate responses. Sazehtormoz Company is honored that it has been widely successful in producing brake, steering wheel, and clutch hydraulic houses. Utilizing the super safe products of this company in first-rate automobiles of the country such as: ELX PARS PEUGEOT, 405 PEUGEOT, 206 PEUGEOT, RANA, ROA, PAYKAN, SAMAND, PRIDE, TIBA, and MAZDA VANET shows high level quality products of the company. It, also, proves the reliance of significant automotive manufacturers such as Iran Khodro, Saipa Group, Megamotor, and Bahman Industrial Group that use Sazehtormoz products.